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14 May 2018 - 1 June 2018

Wageningen, Netherlands

Researchers must make their work relevant for the inclusive development of involved communities if it is to have any value. And agricultural professionals, farmers and their organizations may lack up to date information on how to most effectively improve food security.

This course will introduce you to new approaches and tools for designing and managing participation in rural innovation that will help to resolve both problems and find complementary solutions. It will enable you to create and support effective partnerships, collaboration and dynamic stakeholder networks to co-create new knowledge for better agri-business deals and higher farmer income.

5 June 2018

AFAAS Webinar

The webinar series on Postharvest Management (PHM) started in 2017, and will continue this year (2018) under the theme “Scaling up proven technologies and practices of postharvest management in Africa”. We’ll be happy to exchange with you on the questions of how we can take advantage of proven technologies and practices that diminish postharvest losses and foster their adoption by smallholder farmers.

13 June 2018 - 14 June 2018

Berlin, Germany

Annual Genral Assembly of the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

Youth accounts for one out of every six people worldwide. About 10 – 12 million jobs or self-employments as agri-preneurs need to be created and/or supported per year until 2035 in Africa alone and millions of young people are bound to engage in agriculture. The challenge of the so-called “youth bulge” is not only about the number of jobs to be created but the quality of those jobs as highlighted in the SDG 8. Rural young women face additional challenges including unequal access to assets and opportunities and more generally lack of participation in decision-making.
The future of agriculture and rural development depends on the young generation. Addressing inclusive rural transformation entails bringing young rural women and young rural men on board, empowering them to speak for themselves and to bring in their experiences and ideas, and creating spaces for them to connect, share and develop solutions.

17 June 2018 - 21 June 2018

Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary

57th IALB and 7th EUFRAS Conference, SEASN and ESEE Meeting

The conference focuses on new challenges and trends in agriculture, and how these find their roots in local traditions.  We hope we can offer you insight into the rich rural traditions of the Szigetköz and Western Transdanubian region through visiting self-organising rural communities producing traditional local goods or offering services like eco-tourism or horse riding.

1 July 2018 - 5 July 2018

Chania, Crete, Greece

The 13th European Farming Systems Symposium (IFSA – European Group) will be held in the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, and hosted by the Lab. of Agricultural Extension, Rural Systems & Rural Sociology, Dept. of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development, Agricultural University of Athens.

For this Symposium, we welcome a diversity of perspectives on farming systems and different narratives of pathways. We would particularly like to attract researchers and practitioners from both natural and social science backgrounds who are new to systems thinking and who may be able to contribute constructively to lively debates on how we can design and deliver more sustainable farming and livelihood systems for the future


10 August 2018 - 12 August 2018

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The conference will be held on 10-12 August 2018 at Angkor Paradise Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia. The Organizing Committee would like to invite you to participate by submitting an abstract of a paper or poster for presentation at the conference and by drawing the knowledge and connections that the conference has in store.  Your participation is also an opportunity to have a glimpse of Siem Reap which is one of the World’s Top 3 Best Cities of Travel and Leisure in 2015. Siem Reap is Cambodia’s most famous destination, the gateway to the legendary Angkor Complex of the 15th-19th century Great Khmer Empire, and is situated near the Tonle Sap Lake – Southeast Asia’s largest lake where over 3 million people depend for their livelihood and food security needs.

17 September 2018 - 21 September 2018

Porto Alegre, Brazil

The International Conference on Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society represents the efforts of an international community that comprises academic researchers, civil society organizations and policy makers. This community is convinced about the need of bringing food and food-related matters to the core of the debates that involve the main issues challenging humanity in the 21st century, namely: climate change and its impact on water and biodiversity, the pursuit of alternative energy sources, as well as demographic changes.

Accordingly, AgUrb gathers multiple actors involved in agri-food issues in order to reflect and debate about new food production, distribution and consumption strategies to be applied to increasingly urbanized societies in the 21st century.
After two successful European editions, the 3rdInternational Conference Agriculture and Food in an Urbanizing Society – AgUrb – will be held from September 17th to 21st, 2018, in Porto Alegre City, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – UFRGS.

8 May 2019 - 10 May 2019

Lusaka, Zambia

The 10th ICT4D Conference brings together public, private and civil society organizations from across the humanitarian and international development community. Participants share how they’ve used innovations in technology to increase the impact of their work. Highly interactive and hands-on, the conference attracts a diverse audience of technical advisors, executives, and others who offer a range of practical insights on applying technology to development, humanitarian, and conservation challenges.